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Real-Time Analytics

Maximize your growth potential by tracking profile views and individual link clicks. With insight into the performance of your profile, discover which links your audience is interested in.

Profile Customization

Make your profile as unique as you are. Personalize your page to fit your style or brand by adding custom background images, colors, buttons, and font styles, or keep it simple with one of our existing themes.

Easy to Manage

Add, reorganize, and customize the links on your profile, then copy and paste your myurls link to share instantly (and all-over). Our user-friendly dashboard makes creating and editing your profile a breeze.

Works Anywhere

There are no limits to where your myurls link can be used. Add it to your Instagram bio, and share it via text, email, or anywhere else you can think of. The options are endless.

Video Player

Embed videos directly on your profile so viewers can watch your latest upload (or new fav vid) in one click.

Twitch Player

Share your Twitch channel with ease. Viewers can engage with your live stream or watch any of your channel's videos, right from your myurls page.

Music Player

Share your new single or your favorite song directly on your profile. Embed any song or album of your choosing from Spotify, Apple Music, or SoundCloud.

Display Mode

Display your links your way. With options to display your links as icons at the top or bottom of your profile, you can fully customize how you present your content.

Lead Capture

Effortlessly build your email list with our simple subscribe form directly on your profile. Sit back and let your myurls profile expand your reach and grow your list.

Custom Thumbnails

Add something special to your links with thumbnail customization. The appropriate thumbnail will automatically be detected for our most popular services, but this feature allows you to upload your own.

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